KZN Woman in business – Goal Setting


September Meeting 2013 –  Goal Setting


With the end of the year fast approaching, now is the time to reassess the goals you have set for 2013. Anneme Coetzee is a Master Life Coach that helps clients find the resources inside themselves to start creating the results they want.  Do you find yourself wondering…Where am I going to find the answers to my life and all its questions? How am I going to do this, who’s going to help me? How do I get out? Anneme, can help you create the life you want. Don’t give Anneme a chance…give yourself a chance with Anneme and join us for her talk on Goal Setting this September.


Guest Speaker: Anneme Coetzee


Anneme_CoetzeeAnneme Coetzee is the Founder and CEO of True Awakenings. She is VERY passionate about her clients and believes this is her true life purpose. She understands that we are all on our own journey through life, learning, exploring and growing as we go. Anneme’s journey started with its own challenges, with some amazing truths emerging from that, which she now applies in her daily teachings and guidance with clients. Anneme is a walking talking testimonial of living the life of your dreams.


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