Women – Mother, Spirit, Strength & Guardian of Africa – Art by Saysha Nicolson

Hand of the universe, she stands in prayer, her heart and soul strong and energetic, she is women, she is the cradle of humanity and the symbol of growth, nurture, strength and endless love. In the fabrics that wrap around her creative and ever active mind, her thoughts and intentions are always pure, her family her loved ones are her focus. She is “God” on the lips of children and she is hope in times of despair. Her heart and bosom a cushion to those who seek comfort and security. She is the forever and eternal mother. The patterns are her journey, a path through the universe and stars that wrap around her mind and feed her creative and ever evolving mind. The colour green is symbolic of nature and all that is associated with health and growth, she is a giver of life.

The blues are most trusting and calming of all the colours. As the colour of the sky, it has been used since ancient times to represent heaven. In classical mythology, blue was the colour associated with the gods, Venus and Jupiter. In Christianity, it becomes the symbol of the Virgin Mary as Queen of Heaven. As the colour of the ocean, it is also suggestive qualities like freshness and purity.

Brown is the colour of earth, wood and stone. Brown is symbolic of craftsmanship and the great outdoors. It is also used to represent humility: a down to earth virtue. She is creative and a creator.

She is depicted African but she has no colour except the vibrant colours that are projected from her soul. White and its association with light is used to represent peace, purity and goodness.

The red is symbolic of love and passion, it’s representative of strength and blood, the blood being her roots and her family tree that keep her strong and brave through the best times and the more testing ones.

The orange and yellows. Orange symbolizes creativity, change, energy and endurance.  It is the colour that represents Autumn. As a secondary colour it combines elements of the colours used to mix it: the creative passion of red with the energy and joy of yellow.

This painting is a painting that was meant to warm and inspire a room, it was painted with much love and strong positive energy. May it bless you and your home and remind you of how amazing, powerful and special every women including yourself is and the unlimited potential we all hold deep within us.


Painted with love by Saysha Nicolson,  July 2016. 

Women – Mother, Spirit, Strength & Guardian of Africa - Art by Saysha Nicolson