Umhlanga Women Achievers – Always an inspiration

It’s always such a treat to go to the Umhlanga Women Achievers meetings, this month it was an evening meeting, and I must say, they never disappoint. Its such an inspiration to be surrounded by beautiful, motivated business women that are leaving a sparkly footprint in the community. From outreach programmes ( Lift a Life, Love a Lady) to collecting funds to donate to various organisations, to reaching out to their members and helping them on their feet to reach their goals and dreams, they are indeed something special.

As Umhlanga Women Achiever of the year 2019 in the business category, I am so honoured to be part of such an outstanding organisation. UWA, you inspire me to want to do more and do better. Thank you for being amazing and always making the women that visit us as well as our members feel like they belong and are coming home, with the warmth and social atmosphere that’s forever present at your meetings.

With love and inspiration
Saysha Nicolson (Till)
Umhlanga Women Achiever of the year 2019
(Business Owner Category)

Owner of Immortal Art Design